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 IZONIL Plaster

IZONIL is 100% functional waterproof drying system (WDS) developed to replace common plastering mortar and solve the problem with trapped moisture in the buildings.

It is applicable on both positive and negative side and resists hydrostatic pressure both from positive and negative side with water penetration less than 1 mm (tested according EN 12390-8 with water pressure 1 BAR / 0.1 MPa).

IZONIL has ability to constantly dry the moisture from the substrate (wall or concrete slab). 100% drying system is active physical process of pulling out the moisture from damp substrate and transferring it on molecular basis in form of vapor through layer of IZONIL further to outer environment.

Impact of 100% drying system on the building is essential. IZONIL is able to solve the problem with trapped moisture for conventional building made of concrete and bricks or blocks.

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